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Elite Solutions

Elite New York and Global Tutoring

A Unique Educational Experience 

Whether you want to learn computer science from former software engineers at Microsoft,  drawing from one of the best contemporary Dutch portrait artists, music from nationally renowned singers, or writing from published poets and authors, Endeavor has all the tools to help you learn what you never thought possible. 


Endeavor Global 


Endeavor Tutoring is an elite tutoring service for elite clients. At Endeavor, we aim to provide you the best possible solution to your tutoring needs. Sometimes this means crafting unique solutions to your needs. Whether your family travels often and you need a tutor to accompany you to ensure that your child achieves her full potential, or if your child is moving to the New York or elsewhere in the United States for university and needs assistance beyond the classroom, Endeavor is here to help. We have sent our tutors to Europe and tutored students in Indonesia. We provide the elite, discrete, reliable services tailored to your needs.


American Scholars 


Inspired by Emerson's timeless essay, the American Scholars Program gives our students' greatest ambitions a concrete outlet. 

The American Scholars Program is a unique educational experience. It does not center on a particular test, academic subject, or admissions program. Instead, it is designed to give students maximum freedom to create and develop their own ideas and personal projects. 

Time and again we find that colleges most desire students whose drive and discipline has led them to extraordinary accomplishments. We also find that too many students cast aside their most interesting ideas because they don't find any place for them in the classroom or in extracurricular activities. Others simply don't know where to get started.  

Our Elite Tutors, from New York to London, are here to guide you through the process of developing and executing your own individualized learning plan, in everything from computer programming to entrepreneurship. We are here to help you think through your most promising ideas with invaluable expert advice. Our tutors want to help you transform your personal project into exceptional achievement.